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Is Affiliate Marketing The Perfect Online Business Model?

Is affiliate marketing the perfect online business for me and my spouse?

Affiliate marketing is undoubtedly one of the most straightforward online business models to get started with. We recommend starting with a domain name, web hosting, a WordPress website, and an autoresponder service.

Once you have chosen your niche, you must find reasonable promotional affiliate offers. If you choose a popular place like make money online, weight loss, or personal development, there will be no shortage of recommendations for you.

Product Reviews

You will need to decide how you will promote the affiliate offers. One of the most effective ways to do this is to create product reviews. Your review needs to be honest and point out and disadvantages of each product as well as the advantages.

A lot of people look for product reviews before they purchase a product. If you can get your check in front of these potential buyers and your review is good, you will make affiliate commissions with this approach.

Some product reviews are harder to rank for in search engines and YouTube searches than others. If the product has a good reputation and pays a generous commission, there will likely be a lot of competition. Do your homework here and choose the right traffic strategy.

You can test the effectiveness of your product reviews by spending a little money on paid traffic. Measure the number of visits against your commissions to determine the conversion rate. The good thing about this strategy is that you can quickly generate traffic and tweak your reviews for higher conversions.

What makes a good Affiliate Offer?

First and foremost, a good affiliate offer converts. It is no good promoting an affiliate offer with excellent commissions if it hardly ever converts because you will not make any money.

The best affiliate offers will have the right combination of high conversions and reasonable commissions. Affiliate offers that have monthly recurring commissions are well worth considering. You just need to drive traffic that converts once, and then you will receive commissions each month as long as the customer stays with the program.

Use reputable affiliate networks to ensure you receive your commission payments on time. Clickbank.com has an excellent reputation for paying their affiliates, for example. You do not want to put in a lot of hard work only to find a delay in receiving your commissions, or you don’t receive them at all.

Do you need approval?

With some affiliate offers, you will need to be approved by the product vendor first. If you are in the make-money-online niche, you will find this true with affiliate networks like WarriorPlus.com and JVZoo.com.

You have to make a request and tell the vendor how you will promote their products. When starting out, it can be challenging to get approval as you need a track record. Start with Clickbank.com or Digistore24.com, as these provide instant support.

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It is easy to start with affiliate marketing but being successful can be challenging. You will likely face competition from other affiliates and need convincing tactics to convert visitors into buyers. 


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